About us: 30 Years in the Making

At San Francisco Media Group we provide complete video production services. We support the production community, broadcasters, public relations and corporate communication professionals in and outside of San Francisco – and we’ve done so for 30 years.

Our broadcast, live stream, production, and post facility is located at 950 Battery Street. A short walk north of San Francisco’s financial district. Here we have two broadcast insert studios, a purpose-built video production and live stream stage, post-productions edit suites and in-house neighbors that specialize in audio post and color correction.

Our staff has the expertise to take a project from concept through completion – or we’re happy to give you the support you need any step of the way.  For our longstanding corporate clients we can start with ideation, assemble creative briefs and develop sample storyboards.  For the hundreds of production companies that come to our stage, we can lend a hand or simply turn over the keys and remain supportively out of sight.  Our mission is to serve your needs and our goal is to have everyone leave happy with results that make them proud.

When purchasing the company in April of 2019, I made it a primary goal to give a face-lift to the old Beyond Pix facility and upgrade all of its equipment.  I wanted to make sure professional crews have access to the latest gear suited to different levels and kinds of digital video production.  In that quest, out went five huge skips full of old sets, defunct gear, old cameras, distressed grip, last century’s mixers and oh-don’t-ask-what stuff.  In its place you’ll find new cameras, lights, a well-built stage, new carpets, paint and furnishings. The results are dramatic – or so I’ve been told.

Though leadership has changed and it is now a woman-owned business, the creative knowledge and joyful, can-do staff that has been a benchmark of San Francisco Media Group remains the same. We’re proud to have longevity and to be connected to the ever-changing and vibrant San Francisco production community at large.  At San Francisco Media Group, we’re all proud of the newly refreshed facility and happy to offer our skills, talents and knowledge to be of service to you.

Whether it’s capturing a live event or streaming it out — producing footage in the field or from a studio — developing a creative brief or robustly fulfilling your vision — we’re here to serve your needs.

–Anita Casalina, Owner/CEO business


Bryan O’Connor
Manager of Finance and Accounting

Bryan holds the financial glue that keeps San Francisco Media Group running. His knowledge of production and business combine to help us build a strong and solvent company.

Albert Leung
Broadcast Studio Manager

Always at the ready, Albert has a flawless record of engineering live shots, earning him legendary status with media bookers around the globe.

Scott Peterson
Operations Manager

Scott merges his passion for video creation with his innate technical skills to engineer solutions for all San Francisco Media Group work.

Experienced onscreen host and producer of documentaries, news series and internet media, Anita infuses the company with positivity from the top down.

Broadcast and IT Support

With a fascination of all things video, Ala has worn many hats on different types of productions and brings that diverse experience to help San Francisco Media Group run smoothly.

Bryan O'Connor
Albert Leung
Scott Peterson
Anita Casalina
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