Soundstage and Production Studio

At San Francisco Media Group, because we have so many unique shooting spaces to choose from, our facility is ideal for a wide range of video productions. Our soundstage and our two smaller production studios are available to rent with or without lighting and grip. Our soundstage, also known as Battery Street Stage, is multifunctional featuring a greenscreen cove at one end and a white cyclorama wall at the other end. The space can be easily set up for multiple shooting spaces and can accommodate small to large crews. Depending on the size of your production, you can choose to select our insert studios or our soundstage. Our team can guide you on what would be most suitable for your video shoot. 

We also provide tours of our facilities so you can see for yourself the size of our spaces, their features, and possibilities. 

Since in-person events have converted to virtual events, we have produced and hosted a number of clients who chose to live stream their events from our soundstage. Because of our multiple spaces, you can live stream from our studios and stage simultaneously making it easy to physically distance your on-screen talent and crew. Since there are still concerns over covid, this is a great option to keep in mind. 

It’s also possible to have a host or emcee at either end of our Battery Street Stage, each with their own teleprompter. Then there are no set changes needed, the hosts can interact with one another easily, and the show proceeds seamlessly.

broadcast studio
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video production soundstage
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Some examples of video content you can produce from our spaces are:

  • B-roll
  • TV Commercials 
  • Marketing and Brand videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • TV Show
  • Media Tours
  • Virtual or Hybrid Events
  • Music Videos
  • Remote Interviews
  • Event Content


Production Studios For Rent In San Francisco

We Have Well-Equipped And Accessible Production Studio And Soundstage Space Available For Use.

Professional Production Spaces for Your Next Project

Our state-of-the-art facilities are the perfect shooting location for a variety of video productions. We have a soundstage and two smaller production studios that are both available for rent – with or without lighting and grip services. Please reach out to us about renting the space! We can also discuss the other video production services we offer to make sure you capitalize on the time you have.

We have added hospital-grade UV-C Lighting to the HVAC systems of both the Battery Street Stage and Insert Studios. This light filtration system kills all bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

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broadcast studio
Learn more about our studio space
video production soundstage
Learn more about our soundstage

Battery Street Stage

Our primary soundstage, The Battery Street Stage, is a multifunctional production space equipped with a green screen cove at one end and a white cyclorama wall on the other. These can be used to create an array of aesthetic backdrops, physical sets, virtual environments, and branding of your choice. We have all new lighting on our stage and can accommodate both small and large size crews.

Insert Studios

For smaller productions, we also have separate insert studios available for use. These spaces are turnkey ready for livestreaming and broadcast. They come with a studio technician and can be set up for virtual or practical backgrounds. Perfect for on-camera interviews and presentations.

See the Space for Yourself

We are happy to provide tours of both Battery Street and our two insert studios. Our crew can walk you through the spaces so you can get a firsthand glimpse at their size, features, and possibilities. We can also advise you on which space would be most appropriate based on your production size and budget.

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Ways to Use Our Production Facilities

In-Person/Virtual Events

With the pandemic, we saw a rise in remote-based events. San Francisco Media Group also provides livestream services from all of our studio spaces. We can easily facilitate a livestream panel discussion or presentation event with ease. We can place hosts, panelists, and remote guests from anywhere in the world together in one presentation, creating a seamless transition between speakers, keeping your attendees engaged.

Marketing and Brand Videos

Our soundstage and studio spaces create the perfect backdrop to film your next Annual Meeting, Fundraiser, marketing, or brand video. We have teleprompters for your on-screen personnel and talent, and can collaborate with your team on scriptwriting, shot selection, and planning.

Music Videos

The soundstage’s green screen cover, white cyclorama wall, and monochromatic possibilities can shape your music video aesthetic and free up opportunities for all kinds of creativity in post production. We have worked with artists throughout the Bay Area and would be thrilled to bring your next project to the screen.

Remote Interviews

When you get tapped for an on-camera interview, you need a professional space equipped with the right equipment and crew to ensure they have the lighting, framing, and audio components working properly. You can use our soundstage space to film a remote interview, either live or taped, that will be of high production value.

How To Use Our Video Production Spaces

Step One: Contact Us

Contact our team to discuss your project needs and space availability. We can schedule a walkthrough and help you determine which area would be best to use based on the type of video, your crew size, and budget.

Step Two: We Set up the Space

We will set up the space to your desired specs and make sure all equipment and crew are in place for a seamless shooting experience.

Step Three: Production Day

Our team will be on standby throughout the shoot to hear your feedback and collaborate in real time in order to get the video results you want.

Professional San Francisco Studio Space for Rent

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