Broadcast Services

Broadcast Services

Broadcast Video Services

Studios A and B, with a broadcast control room between them, are state-of-the-art insert studios relied on by networks around the world for live interviews originating from San Francisco. We’ve hosted scores of guests for network live shots, media tours and training since 1994.

If you’re a broadcast professional, it’s likely we’re already in your books. So we’ll take the opportunity on this page to say thank you for giving us the amazing opportunity to be a part of your team over the past several decades.

  • LTN 
  • The Switch
  • 250Mpbs Bilateral Internet Connection
  • Two pre-lit studios with monitor or practical sets
  • Panasonic and Sony HD PTZ cameras
  • Teleprompter and operator available
  • Hospital Grade UV-C Light Filtration HVAC System
  • Makeup artists on request
  • Available 24.7.365
  • ENG field crews available
  • Large stage ready for news show originations

Transform Your Broadcasts with Our Cutting-Edge Video Services

broadcast studio
Studio A for Broadcast Guests
Control room
Master Control Room with LTN, The Switch, and 250Mbps Bilateral Internet Connectivity
broadcast studio
Studio B for Live Shots or Satellite Media Tours
broadcast services - green room
Make-up and Green Room for Our Guests
Cafe - broadcast cafe
Our Café features some of our Distinguished Guests
broadcast lounge
Studio B Attached Private Green Room

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