Field and Studio Production

Field and Studio Production

We have been the Bay Area’s premiere production company for over 30 years, and we are only getting started. Whether your shoot takes us in the field or in the studio, SFMG has got you covered.

One of the benefits of choosing San Francisco Media Group for your next production, is not only our ability to fully produce and staff your project, but we are able to adapt to on-location productions as well as being able to take advantage of our in-house stage and insert studios, which are fully equipped with lighting and grip equipment.

Our knowledgeable in-house production staff and our extensive vendor and production partners thrive on the challenges and solutions we can provide to our clients. No production is too big or small. 

Field and Studio Video Production Services

Whether Your Shoot Is In The Studio Or In The Field, SFMG Has Your Video Production Covered

On-Location or In-Studio, We’ve Got You Covered

San Francisco Media Group has been the premier video production company throughout the Bay Area for over three decades. We provide a full suite of creative video production services including pre-production, shooting, and post-production for both in-studio and on-location projects. If you need an experienced video production outfit for your next project, contact us to set up a consultation. Contact Us

Adaptable for Field Locations

Our studio operates with state-of-the-art equipment that can be brought out to any external location. We can also help with location scouting to find the perfect venue for your next video. Our crew can make changes on-the-fly and on-location during any phase of the project, including post-production in terms of adding special effects, making edits before the final cut, and more. We have plenty of cameras, lighting and grip equipment, audio equipment, and more staging accessories to transform the location into the perfect backdrop for the project.

Use our Soundstage Studios

At SFMG, we have three separate studios for you to use. Our soundstage – the Battery Street Stage – is equipped with a green screen cove and a white cyclorama, providing creative means of producing aesthetic shots and adding special effects in post-production. It is built to accommodate larger shoots and can handle live or taped interviews, testimonials, panels, and presentations.We also have two secondary stages that are designed for smaller-crew use but are also available to be used for live or taped content. We can guide you on which location would be most appropriate for your shoot.You can also receive a guided tour of our studio space so you can gain firsthand insight into what it looks like and its possibilities.
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Expert Crew and Wide Network of Vendors

One of the advantages of working with SFMG is that we can fully staff your production crew with incredibly talented camera operators, scriptwriters, post-production technicians, project managers, production assistants, and more. When necessary, we also have an extensive network of external vendors we can reach out to in order to fill any crew gaps. There is no production too big or small for us. Our primary concern is delivering an exceptional product to our clients.

The Field and Studio Video Production Process in 3 Steps

Step One: Contact Us

Call, email, or use our online form fill to get in touch with us. We will discuss your project goals, vision, and budget.

Step Two: Location Scouting

Our pre production consultants will help you find the perfect location for your video – whether that is offsite in the Bay Area or at one of our versatile soundstage studios.

Step Two: Location Scouting

Our pre production consultants will help you find the perfect location for your video – whether that is offsite in the Bay Area or at one of our versatile soundstage studios.

Step Three: Video Shoot

Once we have the location and pre-production completed, we will work efficiently on production day to finish on schedule and within budget. From there, we will provide the first cut to you for feedback and post production edits.

Start Your Next Project with SFMG

Reach out today to start the creative process! We look forward to helping you with your next production.
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